Above all else Hi-Tek is dedicated to providing:




Customer Service

We execute this dedication through:

  • Customer orientated business approach
  • Custom designed services, to meet customer needs
  • Maintaining full compliance with all licensing and insurance
  • Highest caliber management staff
  • Balance in managing growth; As One of the fastest growing security companies in Central / South Florida
  • Working towards expansion into the 21st century, through meeting real needs
  • Security officers that are polite, well trained, professional, reliable, customer orientated, and accommodating in meeting client needs
  • A Staff that is insightful, decisive, confident, honest, loyal and dedicated
  •  Being a privately owned and operated independent entity we maintain our commitment to quality and customer service in all of our business endeavors.
  • Internalizing all staffing, human resources, training, and operations matters.  All security personnel are employees of Hi-Tek, we are accountable for and to our staff and are able to guarantee the highest caliber of service and personnel through internal management.
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